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2019, Year of Return


Ghana reaches out again to the global African families in the Diaspora to return home

The year 2019 marks the 400th year since the first recorded enslaved Africans landed in the Americas. Ghana as the gateway to the Motherland is celebrating this landmark year with a passionate call to sons and daughters of Mother Africa in the diaspora to come back home, especially to those who have never been back to the Motherland.

Just as the Israelites carried the bones of Jacob (the father of Israel) with them during the exodus of God’s people from Egypt to the promised land, that of the people of African descent in the Diaspora was officially endorsed in 1998 when the bones of two African Ancestors in the Diaspora, Samuel Carson from Unites States of America and Lady Crystal from Jamaica were brought to Ghana and buried at a sacred place in Assin Manso.

Ghana then became the first country outside the Americas and the Caribbean to celebrate Emancipation Day on 1st August each year and the year 2018 marked the 20th Anniversary of Celebrating Emancipation Day in Ghana. It will be great in Ghana in 2019 to see the Global African family gather in Ghana to celebrate the Pan African Festival – PANAFEST and Emancipation together.

Again, just as the Israelites left Egypt with great wealth, the sons and daughters of Mother Africa in the Diaspora are accomplished men and women and are coming back home with great wealth in Academia, Science and Technology, Arts and Sports.

Ghana is standing on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and crying out to all sons and daughters of Mother Africa in the Diaspora to come back home for its been too long…400 years…come back home for your Ancestors that came before you, your brothers and sisters who remained in the Motherland are ready to welcome you.

Don’t forget you are always welcome home, for what they meant to be a door of No Return is now an open door f Return.so come back my brother…come back my sister…2019 is indeed your year of return.

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