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Biography Of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

DR. KWAME NK RUMAH. Kwame Francis Nwai- Kofi Nkrumah was born at Nkroful in the Western region of the Gold Coast, now Ghana, on 21st September 1909. He went to school at Half Assini and was very serious about learning and loved books. He taught at Achimota College and was inspired to work for the freedom, justice and greatness of his country.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah earned high marks which led to the award of a scholarship to study abroad , where he earned many degrees at the Universities of Lincoln and Pennsylvania in the United States of America. During this period, he worked hard at many jobs, but he felt he must return home to help the Gold Coast gain her independence. He returned to the Gold Coast in 1947 at the invitation of the United Gold Coast Convention (UG CC), the party of THE BIG SIX. However, in 1949, he separated from the ‘ Big Six ‘ for the rest of his life, whenHowever, in 1949, he separated from the “The Big Six” for the rest of his life, when he formed the Convention People’s Party (CPP). Dr. Nkrumah spread the popular message ‘ . Self-. Government N OW’ which the colonial government refused to accept. Amid strikes and riots.

Nkrumah’s campaign for self rule as a result, grew stronger. He was jailed several times, but his Positive Action Campaign worked. The colonial government eventually agreed to hold elections in February 1951. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was elected by the people, released from jail and became leader of government business; one step towards independence. Finally, on 6th March 1957, Ghana was born ( the name Gold Coast was changed to Ghana ). Dr. Kwame . Nkrumah declared ‘ . At long last, the battle has ended, and Ghana, your beloved country is free forever.’ Dr. Nkrumah was now . Prime. Minister of a free country.

On 1st July 1960, Ghana became a republic. Dr. Nkrumah was elected the first President. In, his time,.he.introduced Free Education and Health, built factories, the motorway, and created many jobs. He built the Akosombo Dam, which to this day generates electric power for Ghana. He also created the ‘ Young Pioneers ‘ who were taught to love their country. Despite his great vision, some Ghanaians disagreed with his policies and there were several attempts to.assasinate him..While on a mission to end the Vietnam War in Asia, Dr. Nkrumah was overthrown in a military coup by his political opponents on 24th February, 1966. He then went into exile in Guinea and died in Romania, on 27th April 1972. After his death, the Nation brought back his body to be buried in his village, Nkroful. His body is currently at the famous Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum in Accra. He was indeed a great man and a GREAT LEADER.