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The idea of establishing an Africa Centre for Professional Groups Networking Organisation together with a Research Department, originated in Ghana during personal interactions between two special friends ( a set of twins from two different families and two different tribes in Ghana , namely Akan and Ewe ).

The twins are PAUL TSIKATA , a Senior Journalist and a former Foreign News Editor of Ghana News Agency, and ENOCH DONKOH, a qualified Accountant and a professional Banker.

The two gentlemen met in the year 2010 through a divine arrangement, as employees of Microfinance and Small Loans Centre ( MASLOC ) – the Loans Department of the Presidency of the Republic of Ghana.

Mr. Donkoh was the Head of Operations at MASLOC , while Mr. Tsikata was the Operations Research Manager.

The working synergy between these two employees grew stronger as they had accepted each other as special friends who are complementary and sources of inspiration to each other, with their belief in the old biblical saying “ IRON SHARPENETH IRON ”



After realizing their full potentials as great assets to each other and positive forces to reckon with, Enoch and Paul decided to combine their divine gifts of wisdom and creativity and strong passions for success in any human effort.

Paul, being an avid reader of books written by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah ,the first President of his country Ghana,  decided to share such books with his friend Enoch to read, so as to appreciate the true greatness of the man, who Enoch respected highly as a Pace Setter and a role model for the youths of Africa and the third world.

Paul decided to create a continental vision through which his fellow Africans brothers and sisters can be guided to think big and create their own future, with the achievements of Kwame Nkrumah as their sources of inspiration.

Mr. Tsikata believed that the youths of Africa can become great through their own initiatives and their focus on achieving success through their individual self discovery and self realization, their hard work, their individual efforts to read very widely  their positive attitudes to life, and their great faith in God to make the impossible possible for them,

Both gentlemen agreed to implement Paul’s idea of a continental vision to organize regular African professional groups conferences , to be hosted in Ghana through a networking facilitation by an NGO to be called “ AFRICA CENTRE FOR PROFESSIONAL GROUPS NETWORKING AND RESEARCH.  ( ACPGNR ). ”

This international NGO was created to prepare the modalities for Ghana to host  meetings for the Professional Groups from the  politically independent 53 African countries.

The facilitation was to be done by ACPGNR through a website to be designed and developed by a recommended and experienced expert Company specialized in website designing, who can link all the African professionals from each of the 53 politically independent African countries.

Mr. Donkoh and Mr. Tsikata therefore agreed to implement from the socio-economic angle the following proposals to share with their respective stakeholders from each Professional Group in Africa.


  1. Africa Centre for Professional Groups Networking And Research (ACPGNR ) is an International Non- Governmental Organization established to facilitate easy organization of conferences for the regular networking of Africa Professional Groups And Civil Society Organizations.

The vision of ACPGNR is to be the agency of choice to organize and facilitate networking international conferences in Ghana, aimed at fostering good governance, promoting economic and social development as well as cooperation among African member countries.

 The mission  of ACPGNR is to promote the socio economic status of countries in the Africa Region by organising and facilitating international conferences in Ghana on regular periodic and sustainable basis, drawing top African professionals to deliberate on topical issues and problems common to them, and making necessary recommendations and formulating Action Plans to address challenges and problems identified.

Mr. Enoch Donkoh and Paul Tsikata also agreed to implement the following Objectives of the NGO.

  1. To provide a vehicle or a strategic and central platform to facilitate easy organization of conferences for the regular networking of Africa Professional Groups And Civil Society Organizations.
  2. Organize Training Programmes for Professional Group Members.
  3. Facilitate the operation of Home lodges or relatively affordable Homestayopportunitiesfor foreign Students and international Tourists to be hosted by hospitable Ghanaian families in all regions of Ghana, so as to expose the foreign visitors to the rich Ghanaian culture and social life.
  4. Create a forum for motivational Speakers , local and global celebrities and role models to be invited to speak to the youth of Ghana so as to inspire them to achieve excellence and greatness for themselves, their families and Ghana in particular.
  5. Arrange radio and television programs for the leaders of Professional Groups to talk on issues of national interest .
  6. Arrange professional Counselling sessions and Women Grooming lectures for the youth of Ghana to learn the true moral values of the country..
  7. Organize African Continental Services  for the youth of Ghana to enable them get exposed to the cultures of other African countries and discover other business and trading opportunities available for their exploration.
  8. Conduct researches for African Governments through SWOT Analysis on challenges facing their respective public, private and informal sectors.
  9. Organize Professional Counselling sessions for the youth to discover the right professions to choose in the future.
  10. Organize special tuition on Women’s Grooming programs through an official NGO by name – THE DAUGHTERS’ CLUB INTERNATIONAL , to help prepare our young Ladies to become successful, ideal and respectable future Mothers.
  11. Organize lectures on how to acquire effective reading skills.
  12. Create a bookshop for the Centre to sell professional and motivational Books and add a Reference Library stocked with Professional Books for the CENTRE.
  13. Arrange the establishment of social centres for the youth in all district capitals to enable them have common platforms for networking , exposure to new ideas, fun games, motivational talks, music, dance and film shows.
  14. Introduce Public Speaking courses for the youth of Ghana to build their self confidence
  15. Institute educational, entertainment and welfare projects and programs for children to have a sense of belonging and a feeling of oneness as true Ghanaian Brothers and Sisters.



The rationale for the idea of Africa Professional Groups Networking Conferences to be hosted by ACPGNR  every year in Ghana is born out of the observation that the conference of Africa Unity as it is organised currently by the Africa Union ( AU ) , is still a top down approach instead of a bottom up or people centered approach.

Government officials and politicians in Africa since the inception of the Africa Union have played lead roles in bringing the notion of Africa Unity to the continent.

This approach by and large has left the people for whom “ Unity ” is meant to come together and synergise practically in a real day to day encounter and interaction , rather cut off from bonding closely with each other to manifest real unity.

It is for these reasons that Africa Centre For Professional Groups Networking And Research (ACPGNR) is proposing this bottom – up citizens / people to people approach, whereby all identifiable Professional Groups as well as Traditional Leaders, Authorities and other Community based Organisations in various countries of Africa will be encouraged to meet, network and draw up realistic programmes of activities that would actually enable them ( THE PEOPLE ) to determine and synchronise their efforts at real unity of purpose and action among themselves.

The current Africa Professional Groups conferences are therefore being moved from the levels of officialdom as it happens at Africa Union / Heads of State meetings, to new levels of everyday People to People Networking conferences for collaboration and exchange of new ideas and programmes among professionals and other identifiable groups with common interests, values and beliefs.

This way, ACPGNR  believes, could make the notion of Africa unity a reality to be practiced by and large among all African people in order to achieve the desired objectives of the Founding Fathers of African Unity.



  1. The Africa Centre For Professional Groups Networking and Research ( ACPGNR ), an international NGO, is headed by PAUL TSIKATA, the Executive Director.  He is a Senior Ghanaian Journalist ( a former Foreign News Editor of Ghana News Agency ) and a former Operations Research Manager at Microfinance And Small Loans Centre ( Office of the President of the Republic of Ghana ) .
  2. The main roles of the ACPGNR are to organize and facilitate all the scheduled conferences for networking, Innovation, and exhibitions.
  3. ACPGNR has planned to promote Ghana’s tourist attractions  and the positive images of Ghana’s professional groups globally.
  4. Host Country  – Ghana.  Because of the country’s strategic pioneering and traditional role played in the meetings of African Leaders in the early 1960s to discuss the implementation of the Africa Unity vision.
  5. Major Stake Holders: The Government of the Republic of Ghana and all African Embassies in Ghana.
  6. Conference Venue : ALISA HOTEL, Head Office, Ridge, Accra.
  7. Conference Partners And Collaborators – (a)  Major stakeholders from the respective professional groups in Ghana and the other 53 Sister African Countries and African Americans and Ghanaians in the diaspora. (b)  The Ghanaian print  and electronic media and the international media.
  8. The 53 Countries to be represented by their country Professional Groups are  –  Algeria, Angola, Benin,Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo, DR Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho and Liberia. The others are Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Sao Tome And Principe, Senegal, Sychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  9. Method of Invitation of Conference Participants ( both public, private and International ) : Through Invitation Letters, Advertisements, Publicity through the Print and Electronic media, the internet, face book, Instagram, and the global social media links.
  10. Network with official government sources of information, mainly all government ministries, Departments, Agencies, state enterprises, civil and public service, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service, Ghana Revenue Authority and Value Added Tax Secretariat, the print and electronic media, the Bureau of National Investigation. ( B.N.I ) and Ghana’s embassies and high commissions abroad.
  11. Conference Format : Invite Accomplished Resource Persons for speeches to be presented on topics of national and international concern – mainly experienced Professionals and experts from Ghana and other African and advanced countries in Europe, The Americas and Asia.
  12. Duration of Conference : Three ( 3 ) Days.
  13. Conference Technology Approach : ACPGNR has designed a global website for easy access to all global and African conference participants and the foreign media.

List of Proposed Africa Professional Groups’ Conferences

  1. Conference of African Religious Leaders ( ChristianChurch Leaders, Pastors, Muslim Leaders, and African Traditional Religious Leaders )
  2. International Conference of Architects To Enhance The Concept of African Architecture.
  3. Conference of African Developers And Contractors.
  4. Conference of Hotel Associations in Africa


  1. 1.The series of over 40 (Forty) proposed ACPGNR conferences to be held within an interval of every two months yearly  in Ghana, can inspire or endear any Ghanaian ruling President or Head of State to both the Ghanaian and sister African professional groups and tradesmen participating in the conferences .
  2. The conference participants will benefit immensely from the merger of the wisdom and experiences of the African nations’ professional groups.
  3. The African professional Groups can also discover the various available markets and other related new ideas that can easily be shared during their deliberations and discussions at the conferences.
  4. The conferences will generate new business opportunities for Travel And Tour Operators as well as Hotels and Tour Guides in Ghana, thus promoting the increase in the growth of tourism in the country.
  5. Our Ghanaian print and electronic media ( Newspapers , Television and Radio Stations ) will also benefit immensely in terms of advertisements and air time sold to promote the official programmes of the conferences.
  6. The regularity of organizing such continental conferences, will sell very quickly the positive image of Ghana to the international community, as the gateway to Africa, and a thriving place for international businesses.
  7. The conferences will also create great platforms for global business networking , since the international media houses such as BBC, CNN, REUTERS, NEW YORK TIMES, VOICE OF AMERICA, RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONAL and other African Media Houses will be invited by the ACPGNR Conference Secretariat to cover all such international conferences to be held in Ghana.
  8. The tourism landscape in Ghana will be enhanced through the additional involvement of the Ghana Tourism Development Company, the Ministry of Tourism , Creative Arts and Culture, the African Embassies in Ghana and Ghana’s embassies in our Sister African countries in the preparation and implementation of the programmes for each Conference.

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