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Profile of the Founder of ACPGNR


PAUL TSIKATA is a product of Keta Roman Catholic Middle School, ( 1965 Year Group ) Keta Secondary School ( 1970 Year Group ) , Saint Augustine’s College, Cape Coast ( 6th Form, 1972 Year Group ) and University of Ghana — Legon ( 1976 Year Group ) — B.A. Economics and Sociology.

He rendered his national service between 1976 and 1977 at Kpandu Secondary School in the Volta Region of Ghana , where he taught Economics in Form 5 and the 6th Form.

After the national service period, Paul  travelled to Nigeria and was employed by Oyo State Schools Board for eight years between 1977 and 1985 to teach Economics and English Language at Atakumosa High School, Osu- Ilesha,  in Oyo State.

In 1985, after his return from Nigeria, Paul was employed at Ghana News Agency ( G. N. A. ) first as a Chief Reporter.

With his background in Economics, he was assigned the role of an Economic Correspondent. After engaging in news-reporting on the field for four years between 1985 to 1989, he was assigned to the Foreign News Desk where he played his editorial role efficiently and effectively between 1990 and 1995.

Within this five year period, Mr. Tsikata was promoted in 1992 to the position of a Foreign News Editor. He  later ended his mission with the G.N.A. in 1995. After a decade’s media practice, he joined Gold Coast Securities Limited ( GCS ) now Gold Coast Fund Management Company —a stock brokerage firm, in 1995 as an Information and Research Officer.

Within the five years period of service ( 1995 to 2000 ) at GCS, Paul was assigned responsibilities to provide inputs for the Research and Marketing Departments. He later served as a key Team Player in the Fund Management Department of GCS, for the management of Pension and Provident Funds of the Company.

Paul Tsikata also worked with an Information Technology Company, The Soft Tribe as a Research Specialist for two years ( 2000 to 2002 ) mainly in areas of gathering Corporate information for website development.

As a positively minded and a naturally creative individual, Mr. Tsikata ventured into publishing and with the co-operation and support of a positively minded Team of writers and sponsors, became the Publisher and Managing Editor of an Investment, Tourism and Cultural Magazine  by name  — The Volta Monitor between 2002 to 2004.

Mr. Tsikata single-handedly conducted a detailed research for three years between 2004 to 2007 towards the creation of an International website on homelodges for foreign tourists and students to Ghana —www.globalfamilylink.com

This homelodge website was used by the Local Soccer Organizing Committee of Ghana to host foreign visitors during the Africa Soccer Cup of Nations ( CAN 2008 ) competition which took place in Ghana between January and February 2008.

As a result of his broad exposure and vast network with professionals in both the public and private sectors of Ghana, as well as his very vast and rich knowledge of the Ghanaian media terrain, Uncle Paul, as he is popularly called by his workmates, friends and associates was employed between 2005 and 2008 by Ghana Sister Cities Foundation ( later transformed into Africa Global Sister Cities Foundation – AGSCF ) as a Communications Advisor to the President of the Foundation.

In this new position, Mr. Tsikata was assigned responsibilities for writing in-house articles and also appointed a member of a special Team to conduct a special research for the creation and designing of a global website for Africa Global Sister Cities Foundation, the Africa Chapter of Sister Cities International.www.sister-cities.org

The researches conducted by Paul and his Special Team led to the designing and writing of articles for a continental website covering all the 54 countries of Africa — www.africaone.net. This global website was launched during the maiden Africa Global Sister Cities Conference on the Millennium Development Goals held in Accra in May 2008.

In the latter part of 2008, Paul Tsikata  had an appointment as a Director of Research at Entrepreneurs Network, a Company which specialized in organizing  workshops for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In January 2010, Mr.Tsikata was employed by Microfinance and Small Loans Centre ( MASLOC- Office of the President ) at Cantonments, as a Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer.

In 2012, by dint of his hard work, integrity, positive human relations and his natural trademarks of efficiency, effectiveness, quick services and accuracy in producing the best results for any job assigned to him by the Chief Executive Officer, Paul was re-assigned to the Operations and Business Development Department of MASLOC with an appointment letter as the first Operations Research Manager.

His job was to engage in both local and global researches in Microfinance practices  with case studies from Ghana and other Microfinance Institutions and Companies mainly from Bangladesh, India, U.S.A, Europe, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and other global and local stakeholders for the benefit and the economic empowerment of the clients of MASLOC.

As a veteran Journalist and a divinely inclined spiritual Writer, Paul Tsikata is a very strong believer in the grace and favour of God to inspire every human being on Planet Earth, to make the impossible possible for himself or herself and for his or her fellow human beings through positive thinking and positive action.

He succeeds in his daily endeavours mostly by combining his personal love for humanity  together with his deep faith in GOD , hence his courage to dare to venture into areas and fields that his peers consider as meant only for the lion hearted, because he believes strongly that with God as his partner, all things are possible for him through regular prayers of positive action, reading the Bible, and  adequate research for the justifyinternet information to work with.

Uncle Paul also believes in hard work, positive attitudes towards people and places, developing a can do spirit to be “ a game changer “, having passion and vision to succeed in any venture he undertakes, self discipline, global networking , positive human relations, cultivating a very strong will power, integrity , self respect , respect for others, doing good to people,  and adequate reading of motivational and spiritual books and believing in divine grace , favour, inspiration and positive direction to succeed in making the impossible possible in his lifetime.

Paul Tsikata has for the past 28 ( twenty eight ) years since 1986 when he joined the Ghanaian Media through the Ghana News Agency ( G.N.A), specialized in writing inspirational programmes for G.T.V. and Radio Ghana.

He is mostly known by regular listeners to GBC’s and GTV’s programmes, as among the most regular Contributors to GTV’s daily meditation programmes known as —“ REFLECTIONS” in the evenings at the end of transmission and MORNING DEW before the start of the BREAKFAST SHOW. “Reflections’’ is currently aired on GTV Life at 6am in the mornings and 10 pm. in the evenings.

Mr Paul Tsikata in his constant search for his self discovery and self realization in life, was registered by the Registrar General’s Department since January 2015, as the Executive Director of Africa Centre For Professional Groups Networking and Research ( ACPGNR ) , an African Developmental Service Non Governmental Organization, founded for organizing and facilitating networking conferences for African Professional groups and civil society organisations.

Paul Tsikata was born on Monday, 4th April, 1949 at Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana. He attained the age of 70  on April 4, 2019. He is married and has four children.